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Public Housing

ParkView Village

The New Reidsville Housing Authority operates the ParkView Village community located at 924 Third Avenue in Reidsville, NC. The 98 apartments on site range from single bedroom units (most of which are designated for seniors and those with disabilities) to four and five bedroom detached "homes".


ParkView Village is fortunate to partner with Cone Hospital to provide a Community Health Center on the premises.  

Rent for all apartments is based on your household income. The Housing Authority determines your rent based on how much your family earns from wages, social security, disability payments, and other forms of non-wage based assistance. Every year, all families at ParkView schedule an appointment with staff to re-examine their family situation and to make rent adjustments. 

The Housing Authority gives priority from its waiting list to those who are working full-time, residents of Reidsville and Rockingham County. Additional preferences for selection include, elderly or disabled, full-time student status, and displaced or presently homeless.

Video - One-Day Playground Installation

November 2014

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