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Apply for Housing

Please read all of these instructions carefully! 


If you fail to follow the instructions, your application may not be accepted and you will not be placed on our waiting list. Please pay particular attention to the Important Notes throughout these instructions.

* Important Note #1:    

  • We are not currently accepting any applications for Section 8 (Housing Choice Voucher Program) at the present time, and don't expect to for the foreseeable future.  Presently, we are only accepting applications for Public Housing at the ParkView Village community, in Reidsville.




* Important Note #2:        

Be advised that due to demand, wait time to obtain housing may be at least 

6 - 8 MONTHS or LONGER, depending on the size of your household.

* Important Note #3:        


You do not need to print, mail or personally take any documents to our office. 

At this stage, all application information will be provided online only.


Please Gather the Following Items

A. Social Security Card of the Head of Household's as well as Social Security Cards for all other members of the household.

B. Birth Certificates for all members of your household.

C. Photo ID for all members of the household 18 years of age and older.

D. Income: Proof of all Income from all sources from each member of your household. Please be advised that failure to provide all income at the time of application that is discovered after the fact by the Housing Authority, is considered FRAUD. Fraud is grounds for termination of your lease and possible criminal charges.

E. Food Stamps: Proof of Food Stamps (document showing monthly amount)

If you have a scanner, please scan all of the above documents and email them to the following address:   APPLY@NEWRHA.ORG.

IF  YOU DO NOT HAVE A SCANNER, you may use your smartphone to take good-quality images of the documents listed above, and email them to: APPLY@NEWRHA.ORG.

Ready to Continue?

The link below will take you to the next step where you will tell us a little more about you and your family. 


*** Note - A small part of the information provided on this page will be  repeated. 


Please be sure to read through all of the instructions carefully as the information you provide will help to determine your position on the waiting list and how long (or short) a wait you may have for housing.

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